Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Blog Challenge Week #2: Why Jesus

Have you ever taken the time to look at the details of a flower?  Or considered how a person can talk on the phone while breathing and walking, then reach up and scratch their head but never miss a heart beat or flow of blood?  Who could think of, let alone orchestrate, the intricacies of human nature and the delicacies of our world?  ...and how is it that in the midst of the craziness of life one can think on the goodness of a sovereign God and find peace that is unexplainable?  These are questions that boggle the human mind but not the spirit of the believer in Jesus Christ because of the living Word in which we find clarity.  

I have never explored religions outside of Christianity as base for my faith; however, I did study other religions for some of my college classes.  I examined each religion with an open mind and a desire to genuinely understand them; and while the religions presented some essential moral values none of them offered examples of unconditional love, limitless hope, miraculous healing and life.  When I think of how much hurt and pain Jesus took on my behalf before He died for my freedom, I can't help but be consumed with an overwhelming feeling of love (before I knew Him, He loved me with an everlasting love).  As I read the scriptures from thousands of years ago and see how applicable they are to my life now and it solidifies my knowledge of the TRUE and LIVING God.  When I pray, I am praying to a God who hears me and is able to perform on my behalf.  He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future, I didn't see these promises in other religions.  So as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord!

~This blog is a part of the Blog Challenge hosted by Sierra Nicole~

SN: I believe the Apostle Paul addressed "other gods and idols" very well in Acts 17:24-29 which I think is very apropos.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Blog Challenge Week #1 - My Testimony

My walk with Christ began at an early age, as I am the daughter, grand-daughter and niece of Pastors; however, my desire to FOLLOW Christ and lead a life pleasing to Him began in early adulthood.  I was raised knowing the importance of salvation and "needing to be saved to make it to heaven" but it was the vicissitudes of life that taught me the significance of developing a "real" relationship with Christ.

...I have always believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; I recognize there is a heaven and hell and  acknowledge Jesus died on the cross, was buried and resurrected, yet I allowed people to delay my desire to fervently pursue Christ.  Whether, it was through the enticement of sin or the judgement of other believers and "church-goers," I allowed people to affect my salvation.  So although, I believed the "important" stuff my life did not reflect it.  *But isn't it just like God to still speak and express His love and faithfulness to us even when we aren't extending the same to Him?*

If I were to pinpoint a pivotal point in my journey, it would be the year 2002.  The strength I drew after the loss of a child, being frustrated in marriage, a fire and the loss of countless other things came from a renewed relationship God.  The peace I found during those tumultuous times materialized because my mind was stayed on Him.  When I wanted it all to end, He said not so, "I am not through with you."  That year was my breaking point, the point I began to seek the GREATER that was in me.  My testimony is one in which I realized God is more than just the God of my parents, more than the "dictator" the church creates Him to be (at times) and definitely not the author of the confusion in our lives we try to blame on Him.  I have found Him to be a friend, a comforter, unspeakable joy, unexplainable peace, a just God, a provider, a healer, a forgiver, a guide, a restorer, a mind-regulator, He is has proven Himself to be MORE than enough, and thus the testimony of my faith walk continues...

~This blog is a part of the Blog Challenge hosted by Sierra Nicole~

2011 Blog Challenge

I saw this blog challenge on Twitter and found it interesting because I LOVE talking about JESUS, He is the center of my life...

So the challenge is listed below and it is not too late for you to join, as this is just week # 1.

Week #1 - You blog about how you got saved…your testimony.

Week #2 - Why Jesus? Why not Allah or Mohammad? Why not Buddah? What makes you so sure Jesus IS THE WAY?

Week #3 - Pick a Blogger in the group of bloggers who are in on this (I will make a list on twitter) and do an Interview or sorts with them on your blog. An opportunity for bloggers to get to know each other, promote each others blogs, etc.

This is an awesome way to share Christ and get to know some other believers!

Join us...