Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Beauty of His Love

Today, I observed an elderly couple – a husband in a wheel chair and his wife – having lunch.  I watched how the wife diligently prepared everything for her husband and then herself.  Yet, she kept looking around as if she needed something.  So I went over and asked her if there was anything I could help her with, she said that they needed some napkins.  I grabbed some for her and then watched as she carefully made a bib for her husband.  I walked away, but came back a few minutes later on my way out, and asked the man how he was doing; with ketchup on his chin and stained on his napkin bib; his hand shaking, as he held is sandwich; he looked at me (in my eyes) and slurred, 'I am blessed’.  It took all I had to hold back the tears.  I looked at him and said, “You are, may God be with you both” and walked away.  

As I reflect on this moment there is so much beauty to be seen.  The Father’s love is grafted throughout this portrait and magnified on so many levels.  I will not dissect it because, I can do it no justice but I pray your heart is touched and that you too will see the Father’s love. 

His love is everywhere, we need only to look for it, receive it and share it.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's Struggle...

On today, the 23rd day of my birth-month, I am so thankful for comfort and peace.  I say that because today has been a lil’ rough for me as I want so badly to pick up the phone and call my grandmother.  There are so many things I want to share with her, so many events in my life that would make her proud; however, in March of this year she passed away.  While my soul rejoices in the knowledge that we shall meet again, my heart and my mind want so badly to hear her voice.  She was one of my biggest supporters and aided in laying and cultivating my spiritual foundation.  Her wisdom, at times, astounded me and her love for the Father was evident in all she was. 

I am sure the Father knew I would have days like these and for that reason He strategically placed people in my life as a reminder that He is with me.  Although, tears may fall, as my mind plays back memories of conversations gone by, the Holy Spirit comforts and gives an unexplainable peace.  Everything in me knows that grandmother would be proud of who I am becoming in Christ Jesus, but more importantly the Father is proud that I trust Him to lead my life. 

I share this with you because we all have days, days in which we long for something we don’t have (whether it is a person or a thing).  On those days we have to remind ourselves that we have everything we need.  I may not be able to pick up the phone and call my grandmother, as I desire, BUT I am able to call out to the Father and tell Him my heart’s desire and through the Holy Spirit, He speaks and He comforts.  He even uses individuals to smile and brighten your day or say something funny which lightens your mood.  He uses circumstances, events and people to bless His children.  So while my heart aches, I have peace and I know the Father loves me.  The Father loves me so much that He shared my grandmother with the world for 83 years and that gives me peace.

May you, too, find peace through the Father on those rough days.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Everything

Recently, I ventured out to participate in a contest and I had to answer the following question -
How/When did Jesus become my everything?

While, I believe I decide daily to make Jesus my everything, there are moments along the journey of my relationship with Christ that the Holy Spirit reminds of the greatness of the Father.  These are the greatest, most life-altering moments.  Moments when I come face to face with real love.  Love that knows no limits, exceeds all boundaries, overcomes obstacles, removes any doubts, and has no end -- that is some serious love.  Although, the Father's love is evident everyday of my life, there are times when His love simply blows my mind.  After experiencing this love my desire is to keep the Father my center, He is my everything.

I do believe the more we recognize these Father-love moments is the more we want them to be a continual part of our lives.  The more we make the Father an integral part of who we are, is the more we can mirror His love to others.  Oh, to know the Father's love...

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