Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Personality vs Integrity

Who doesn't like a person with personality?  Someone who can make you laugh, gets along with "everyone" and drips with charisma.  When they walk in a room everyone lights up, heads turn and eyes sparkle at the "charmer" with all that PERSONALITY.  Aren't we all looking to have people (or at least a person) like that in our lives??  Personality has so long been sought after that in 1959 Lloyd Prince sang about it:

...'Cause you've got (personality)
Walk (personality) Talk (personality)
Smile (personality) Charm (personality)
Love (personality)
And cause you got a great big heart
Well over and over
I'll be a fool for you...

All because of PERSONALITY...

The question I pose is this - "Is personality worth more than integrity?"  Is anyone looking for someone who is honest and trustworthy? faithful? has values, morals, standards?  Or are we all after that fuzzy warm giddy feeling we get when we are being charmed (or hustled).

I ask this question as I look out on the scheme of life at various situations.  I see so many people and hear varied conversations about those who were wooed by the charm of personality only to be swindled by the lies of one with no integrity, yet the introvert diligent in whatever is placed in their hands is walked by every time.  Why do so many people prefer to be manipulated by personality instead of revered by the loyalty and truth that integrity exudes?  I am reminded of two people who had an interview with the same company, while their resumes were pretty much identical their personalities were different.  One person was outgoing and "cracked jokes" while the other person was professional and stuck to answering the interview questions.  Who do you think was hired? Of course, personality was and two years later personality had embezzled money from the company and engaged in several affairs.  Now, this is NOT to say that everyone with personality has no integrity or even that people with integrity have no personality...I am simply asking - What's WORTH more??  When the scales are being balanced in which direction do yours dip - personality or integrity?

Personality may be the key that unlocks the door but integrity will always keep it open.krbz

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