Tuesday, January 4, 2011

...OH! It Hurts SOOO Bad...

Pain has always been an indicator of something.....  
Doctors have said certain aches and pains are signs of growth and others are signs of potentially dangerous situations.  Some pains we grow out of, others we try to medicate away, then there are pains that require medical attention ASAP.  Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships we do not always view pain in the same context.  We don't question if the pain being felt is due to growth (as an individual or collectively) or a potentially dangerous situation.  The same way our bodies send us clues that something isn't right, our relational meter notifies us when relationships aren't where ( or what) they need to be.  Far too often we do not heed the meter and we try to self- diagnose and medicate, then end up in a mess.

How many devastating circumstances could we avoid if we took our relationships to the examination room and allowed the doctor to thoroughly investigate.  While every headache we have may not send us running to the doctor, if we were to wake up one morning with a headache so bad we couldn't see, hear or think straight we would go to the doctor running and screaming.  So when a relationship is literally draining the life out of you, at what point do you go to the doctor or better yet remove yourself from the life-draining source.  If a leech was stuck to your arm, sucking your blood ...would you let it stay?  So why let relational leeches suck away your happiness, your ambition, your peace, your laughter, your ability to be you...?  If you don't have the strength to remove the leech yourself or simply don't know how...see the doctor.

There are way too many people in pain because they refuse to see a doctor (for whatever reason), their pain is intensifying and  they are struggling to make it...

This doesn't have to be you physically, spiritually or relationally because the doctor is waiting...call Him (I was told He answers Knee-mail;)

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