Monday, January 3, 2011

Get 'er Done

We are three days into the new year and many people have set goals for themselves that have already been broken.  Skipped sweets on day one, gave in on day two; exercised on days one and two and didn't feel like it on day three; ignored his/her calls on day one, even day two but day three--answered on the first ring...better yet responded to the text.  Why did you set a goal to work out and eat better, do you wanna be healthy?  There was a reason you wanted to cut them off, was she too negative? was he too disrespectful?  Then don't you deserve to be committed to achieving the goal YOU set to become a better YOU!  You promised God that this year you were gonna go to church and read your bible, where were you January 2, 2011?   Whatever it is, you decided to do, you thought you were worth MAKE it HAPPEN! #2011 is your year, you just hafta do your part.  He or she is not worth the stress, your heart deserves the cardio and your soul needs that relationship you so long to develop with God.
Commit to being committed-krbz

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