Monday, January 10, 2011

...a lil' Tai Chi please...

Last week I decided to attend a Tai Chi class and boy oh was nothing less than ...hmm well, interesting.

The class was free, because there weren't enough people attending during the day to warrant them paying an instructor (I was told this by the older lady who helps oversee the class).  Anyway, I chatted with a few of the ladies before the class started and noticed that all of them were considerably older than me.  I wasn't the only one making observation though as one of the ladies stated, "We have such a diverse group." At that point I couldn't see any diversity...other than

So the class started and I a learned half of the short version, which is the beginning of the long version.  I know how to "pick the peas" with the "crane" and a few foot movements.  All in all I can not say I was motivated to attend again.  Not necessarily because of the people, as they were very nice, borderline overly.  But I just don't think Tai Chi is my cup of tea.  It is something I can mark off my list though, I tried it!

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