Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A System of Support

There is nothing like having a good support system and EVERYONE needs one.  My words and actions over the last eight months have demonstrated to my family (and those around me) the passion I have for fitness.  My husband said, "I knew you were serious, when you were out there sweating and I know how much you do not like to sweat." ...and that is the truth.com!  

In addition, to fitness, I enjoy helping others and seeing them reach their goals.  My desire is to share with people how they can easily incorporate fitness and healthy eating into their everyday life and begin to make and see lifelong changes.  (Oftentimes we tend to over-complicate things -- don't I know!)  

So my husband seized the moment and he along with #TeamBz created this video in an effort to get me certified (fitness and nutrition).  #TeamBz pushes me to go, when I wanna stand still. 

This video captured my first tire workout (because I love a challenge).  Enjoy and support if you can! http://igg.me/at/fitnesstraining

Anything is possible to those who believe! 

Production/Filming: DynamikWorks (www.dynamikworks.com)
Video Editing: @hello_khaiyah (IG)
Photography and Logo: @_supremelee (IG)
Field Maintence: @trebcars (IG)

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