Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh to Forgive!

Today, I watched a video clip of a dad, whose one and a half year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver.  The clip began with him standing at a press conference with his daughter's blanket draped across his shoulder.  He smelled the blanket and said, 'Her scent is gone.'  In that moment my heart dropped a little, as this father fought back tears and struggled to speak regarding the court proceedings.  There was footage shown of the lady, who was three times the legal drinking limit, apologizing and promising to do whatever she could to keep others from making that same mistake.  Now, in reality many would hear that apology but due to pain and anger, totally disregard her words.  Yet, this father, with tears in his eyes, got up and walked over to her (in the courtroom) and hugged her.  I am not sure if words were exchanged but the ACT spoke volumes.  

This woman, for whatever reason, got drunk (reminder: three times the legal limit), decided to drive, passed out behind the wheel, hit another car and killed a one year old and disfigured the mother.  This series of events is a lot... BUT this lady stood up, took ownership of her actions, apologized, asked for forgiveness and vowed to change and help others to change.  At that point, this father could have yelled out in anger or ignored her words, instead he hugged her and demonstrated the powerful act of forgiveness. 

Watching this gave clarity to the forgiveness that is available to us through Christ Jesus. When we come to Him, and say 'I am sorry' (repent) He is FAITHFUL to forgive - no questions asked and no grudges held!  The Father loves us so much that He gave the very best that He had, His son, in order that we might be free from anger, bitterness, depression and unforgiveness (to name a few).  This father demonstrated on earth, what the Father, thru His son Jesus, demonstrates daily - FORGIVENESS AND LOVE!  

I am sure for both of these families, there will be some rough days, but I am even SURER (if that is a word) that the Father is more than able to give them an inexplicable peace.  May the power of the Father's love be made manifest through their lives and the effectiveness of forgiveness help others to heal.

...and may we share Christ's love as we demonstrate the power of forgiveness...

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