Monday, March 5, 2012


I had a reality check today and wanted to share…

However, before I do, let me say something about myself.  I am a very focused person.  When I have a task or assignment I do not take it lightly. With that being said, at any given moment there are many thoughts and ideas going through my head, so more often than not, I am thinking and in a zone.  Today happened to be one of those days, my ideas were on ultra mega status and I have definitely been in a  ‘creative zone’, which leads to my reality check…

This afternoon I went into a store and while standing in line I am just thinking away.  When I get to the register the guy says, “Wow, you’re so serious.” I replied, “Am I?” and chuckle.  His response, “Yea, I feel a little intimidated.” My response, “Oh, you shouldn’t.” His response, “But I do.  You look so serious that it is intimidating.” I smiled and said, “You know what, you really shouldn’t because I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet.” “Ever?” He said.  “Ever.” I said and smiled. 

Now, you may say, “Uh, Khadijah what is so ‘reality-checkish’ [yes, I made that up] about that?  Well, let me tell you…this is not the first time someone has said this to me (sigh) …now there is a part of me that says, “Who cares let him (them) be intimidated” but a bigger part of me says “Khadijah, do better.”

There are several reasons for me to do better; however, the reason that is most important is the LOVE of Christ.  My desire in ALL I do is to please God first and be an extension of His love.   How can I be that extension if people are intimidated by me before I even open my mouth?  *exhale*  Hence, my reality check.

I am not sure how and when God will use me to touch someone else’s life.  I may not have hours, days, months or even years for that person to get to know me and realize ‘Oh, she really is a cool person’…so I have to be conscious of whether or not me being in ‘my zone’ is preventing God’s love from radiating thru me.  My goal is to be like Christ and when we look at the characteristics of Christ, intimidation is not one of them.

In this moment I am so thankful for God reminding me of how much He loves me, by taking the time to use (what some would call) a simple encounter to show me how I can be a better me for HE, the ONE who matters most.

Today, I’ve been reality-checked.
Living and Learning,

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