Friday, August 5, 2011

31 Days of Celebration and Gratitude - Day 5

The celebration hasn't stopped and my gratitude is continuous. Today I am thankful for growth. Growth is a process we should learn to embrace. As children we grow without realizing it, until we put on the pants our parents bought a few months earlier only for them to now dangle at our ankles. Being that as adults we do not really hit regular physical growth spurts, what areas do we really have to grow in? We can grow spiritually, financially, relationally, mentally and physically. If we aren't noticing growth in these areas of our lives a check-up is needed. Although, through out the year I check myself for growth (like the kid who marks the wall to measure how tall they are getting) I use my birth month as a time to go deep. I don't want to waste time or another year...I want to be a better me. So today I am thankful for growth.

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