Monday, June 18, 2012

An Urgent Call

Have you ever been waiting to receive a call, constantly looking at your phone to see if you missed it…? 

Well, God is calling us, seeking to give us more.  He wants us to have more of Him.  We don’t have to keep checking because He calls to us daily.  However, many are missing the call - some by choice, others out of fear and many because life is way too loud.  One thing we have to realize about the call to Christ is it doesn’t go away.  There will always be a nudging on our heart to draw us closer to Christ.  He always wants more for us.  He doesn’t want us to become complacent with where we are because His plans for us far exceeds what our minds can comprehend.   

The greatest call we could ever answer, is the call to Christ.  Don’t let the pounding of the pavement as we chase success, the screams of directives as we seek to please people or self-imposed deafness be the reason we miss the great call.

This is an urgent call; our very life depends on our answering…daily.

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