Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Are You DOING!?!?

...I am not looking for an opportunity to prove myself, I am watching for the moment when God shows Himself *krbz*...

So often we are so caught up in trying to prove to people what we can do, who we can be and manipulating situations to work on our behalf that we forget GOD is able to turn one's heart in our favor (Reference Ezra 6:22).  Everybody is trying to prove to somebody that they are better than someone else, but did you ever stop to think that if you are doing what GOD destined you to do, you would not have to PROVE anything to anyone?  

This time around, let's let GOD be GOD and show Himself faithful to us as we show ourselves faithful to Him.  When we allow Him to be in control, we won't have to manipulate, coerce, maneuver, lie, finagle, push, or drag anything because He will PLACE everything where it needs to be in our lives.  

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